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Old Fort Niagara Virtual Reality Simulation, 2017-18

Old Fort Niagara video link

Old Fort Niagara is a fortification originally built to protect France’s territory in North America. It’s located in near Youngstown in New York State on the eastern bank of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario.

The Fort played an important part in the French and Indian war and fell under British control where it remained until after America won its independence. As a result of these different occupations, the fort boasts many different architectural influences and is a great example of how military technology and design of fortifications evolved in the 18 and 19th century.

The idea behind the project was to develop multiple versions of the fort from different time periods and allow the viewer to “time travel” and experience such developments in virtual reality. Currently, a present time model of the fort has been implemented.

Financial support: The project was developed at Canisius College with funds from the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Summer Grant and Canisius Earning Excellence Program.

3D Modeling and texturing: Janelle Harb, Alexander Maue and Edward Reyes
Programming: Alexander Maue
Consultants: Jerome Brubaker and Dr. Mark Gallimore
Project supervision and student advisor: Dr. Przemysław J. Moskal


Old Fort Niagara video link